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starryfeet's Journal

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In the night we shall go in,
we shall go in to steal
a flowering, flowering branch.

We shall climb over the wall
in the darkness of the alien garden,
two shadows in the shadow.

Winter is not yet gone,
and the apple tree appears
suddenly changed into
a fragment of cascade stars.

In the night we shall go in
up to its trembling firmament,
and your hands, your little hands
and mine will steal the stars.

And silently to our house
in the night and the shadow,
perfume's silent step,
and with starry feet,
the clear body of spring.

"In the Night We Shall Go In" ~ Pablo Neruda.

I use this journal mostly just for communities & occasionally as a personal diary. However, I'm quite open to meeting lovely people, feel free to send me a message / add me. ♥